Operation Lift Hope began with a simple conversation…about community, veteran services and homelessness, which evolved into a movement in the City of Fort Lauderdale to end veteran and family homelessness.

From the beginning of this initiative, Mayor Jack Seiler, County Commissioner Chip LaMarca, Andy Mitchell – President/CEO of the Fairwinds Group and Jim Robertson, President/CEO of Allegiance Crane and Equipment have been leading the charge.

They have been instrumental in pulling together businesses, service providers, government, educational institutions and faith based organizations, who came together to form a Synergistic Team. The Synergistic Team’s goal was to provide a shared vision for the next steps in the City of Fort Lauderdale’s journey to provide services and a better quality of life for the homeless, with a focus on veterans and families.

The homelessness issue is one of the most diverse and challenging issues facing our community. Everyone agrees that ending it is a good thing. Most, however, have a philosophy that an effort should be made, as long as it is “not in my backyard” or NIMBY. The reality is that it is in everyone’s backyard already and only a collective, all hands on deck approach will solve this monumental issue.